Lil Monstar's Olympia Back Workout | IFBB Physique Pro Dani Reardon

Dani “Lil Monstar” Reardon is out with this bodybuilding back workout video just weeks out from the 2017 Ms. Olympia Women’s Physique competition.
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Dani hits 2 exercises to start: straight arm pulldowns – superset – underhand pulldowns. And then she heads into back thickening exercises utilizing barbell rows and seated cable rows. Dani isn’t a huge fan of compound mass builders, but instead uses more refining movements to bring out all of the details in her physique. Look for Lil Monstar to bring home her first Olympia championship in less than 3 weeks!


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| IFBB Physique Pro Dani Reardon’s Olympia Back Workout |
1. Reverse Grip Lat Pulldowns
2. Stiff Arm Rope Pulls
3. Underhand Barbell Row
4. Dumbbell Row
5. Seated Close Grip Rows
6. Lat Pulldown


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