Look Like a Bodybuilder & Function Like a Triathlete | Week 4 | Kris Gethin's Man of Iron

Whether at home or on the road, Kris goes to whatever lengths necessary to crush his nutrition, training, and recovery. Ice bath from a hotel ice machine, anyone? Jump in!
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“I want to look like a bodybuilder and function like a triathlete.”

Simple words, but it takes an unbelievable amount of work and planning to make them come true. Kris Gethin is now five months out from his goal of an Ironman, but he treats every day like the endgame.

As always, Kris’ exact workouts are available for download. Remember, the fatigue of the strength workouts is supposed to correlate to the volume it’s replacing in the endurance part of the plan. It’s like a pre-exhaust, so hit it hard—but not too hard—and you’ll see amazing results. Also, there are optional swim days listed on some weeks. Kris often skips them for rest, so feel free to do the same if you need it.

– Kris weighs himself, even when he’s not planning on doing a lot with the information. More info is always good—if you can handle the truth.
– Timing of your food and supplements matters for muscle growth.
– If you haven’t already, start getting serious about recovery. Take a hot bath. Take an ice bath. Get a massage. This shit is real!
– Repetitive practice is key for building skills. Swimming, for instance! Put in your reps and be patient.
– Listen to your body. If it says to warm up your knees with step-ups and extensions before squats, there may be a very good reason why.
– One session may be brutal while the next one may be easy, or vice versa. Don’t read too much into any single day.
– When you can read a book for 15 minutes in an ice bath…you’re officially a badass.


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