Lower Ab Exercise Tips (4 KEYS TO KILLER LOWER ABS!)

Get crazy ripped lower abs while eating like an athlete

The lower abs are certainly one of the hardest areas of your abs to train. You know the minute you do your first lower ab exercise just how much more difficult they feel than traditional crunches or planks. There is a distinct reason for this. All lower ab movements essentially require you to perform weighted ab exercises. In most cases, the added weight comes from having to lift the weight of your legs.

As you know, weighted ab exercises can be good since they create overload. A muscle won’t truly develop until you figure out a way to overload it. In the case of the abs, your legs can provide all the weight you need to cause your ab muscles to be worked sufficiently enough to cause them to hypertrophy and pop.

In this video, I show you how to perform your lower ab exercises the right way to be sure you get the most out of doing them. From the position of your butt during the exercise to the tempo and momentum you use when doing them, every key tip is covered.

First, you will want to check your grip that you use during the hanging leg raise exercises. I highly recommend switching to an underhand grip to take advantage of the added strength you get from your biceps. Some people say that they never get the most out of their lower ab hanging exercises because their grip fails before their abs do. This tip will help you to avoid that.

The next thing you want to do is think of the position of your body as you begin the exercise. You don’t want to fold your body like a piece of paper, but rather roll it like a piece of paper. This gets your pelvis into a posterior tilt. A posterior tilt is needed to minimize the contribution of the hip flexors and maximize the work of the abs during your lower ab exercises.

Finally, be sure to keep your body still when doing your lower ab movements and workouts. If you are swaying back and forth between reps you aren’t doing a good enough job of stabilizing with your core. A properly performed hanging ab raise will appear very still to those that are watching.

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