Maximize Your Barbell Bicep Curls! Inside Grip Vs. Outside Grip!


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Although the shape of your biceps will be determined by your genetics, you can always build bigger arms by increasing the size of the muscle. The biceps or “Biceps Brachii” consists of two heads, the inner head (short head) and the outer head (long head).

Depending on the grip used with various bicep exercises, you can actually target each head to ensure that you are in fact working both areas effectively.

If you are looking to switch up your bicep workout, in this video I have included my top two favorite exercises to work the outside head of the bicep as well as my top two favorite exercises to work the inside head of the bicep. #HTH #SHFAthlete

(1:12)- Both heads of the bicep- long & short head
(1:30)- Two reasons why your biceps won’t grow
(3:00)- Top two exercises to work the SHORT / INSIDE bicep head
(3:12)- Wide-grip barbell curl
(4:15)- Wide-grip preacher curl
(5:15)- Top two exercises to work the LONG / OUTSIDE bicep head
(5:22)- Inside-Grip Barbell Curl with E-Z curl bar
(6:03)- Narrow-grip barbell drag curl
(7:30)- Learn more about how to train your biceps here!

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