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You asked for it and you got it. Here is the workout that you can do in the comfort of your own home with very little space and just one single piece of equipment…a medicine ball. This medicine ball workout is called my “8 Is Enough” workout, since it is comprised of just 8 exercises performed in circuit format, one after the other.

Medicine ball home workout is something that takes the excuses out of why you can’t get in your workout. Anybody can do this and get the benefit of these cool exercises, since it only requires that you have a 6-12 pound medicine ball.

The great thing about medicine ball workouts are that you can literally take them on the road with you as well. Now I know that not everyone would want to throw an extra 6 pound ball into their suitcases when they travel, but if you know that getting your workout in is going to be tough, then packing the extra med ball might not be a bad idea.

You can use the medicine ball home workout to get ripped, six pack abs by incorporating lots of direct and indirect core work into your exercises. You can build muscle and burn fat by doing the strength building exercises that you’ll see in here while keeping the metabolism churning as you motor through the exercises in circuit style.

After you have passed the test and completed this Medicine Ball Home Workout then it is time to head over to and get your copy of the AthLEAN X Training System. This 90 day program is built to give you 6 pack abs, lots of lean muscle, burn unwanted body fat and have you looking like a professional athlete with the ripped muscle you will build following it.

The program is designed by celebrity fitness personality and physical therapist Jeff Cavaliere. His answer to the P90X program, guarantees to get you in better shape with less time spent in the gym. Cavaliere spent the last three years as the head physical therapist and assistant strength coach for the New York Mets and continues to train some of the top professional athletes from all the major sports and top Hollywood celebrities.

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