Train like a soldier and build an armored body…

Military workouts need to prepare you to be physically ready for not just combat, but anything. The problem with most military or physical readiness exams is that they miss some key elements of training that are simply being overlooked. In this video, I show you a heavy legs, upper body calisthenics workout that you can do to build the all-important strength while not neglecting your conditioning.

Start training like a soldier with this workout taken straight from the Special Tactix military workout program. This legs, upper body and conditioning workout is meant to leave no stone unturned and it starts with something we call a gut check-in. Here you are asked to perform a one minute ten second flexed arm hang. There is a slight variation between how this is typically scored in the military however. In our military prep workout you are not allowed to continue counting your time the second your chin goes beneath the bar. If you are unable to get the full 70 seconds, you will need to make it up as part of a penalty at the end of the workout.

The workout itself then begins with heavy lower body training. Start with barbell squats then move onto weighted reverse lunges (a healthier alternative for your knees) and finally onto weighted barbell hip thrusts. Having strong legs is absolutely required if you are going to be as strong as you can be. No soldier will want to be left in a situation where their leg weakness betrays them.

From here, we move onto upper body training for the day. The type favored here is calisthenics. The military fitness training is known for a heavy reliance on calisthenic exercises such as pushups, pullups, etc. We take it to an additional level with some not so common exercises that allow you to build next level strength without needing weights.

The pairing of upper body bodyweight exercises with heavier lower body strength training gives you a chance to lighten up a bit on the upper body. That said, you will hit your upper body heavier in your next strength training workout while moving to lower body calisthenics to promote faster recovery. You have to mix in some progressive running in order to make sure you don’t sacrifice your ability to run your mile and a half time.

The complete military workout prep program Special Tactix is available at

Whether you are a firefighter, police officer, special forces, military personnel, or someone aspiring to be one…the Special Tactix program is the fastest way to train your body to do that. Even if you just want to be a general badass you will want to start training harder. This is the best way to do that.

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