Train your abs like an athlete…every workout, every exercise.

Would you never miss an ab workout if your life depended on it? Well, that’s how some MMA fighters view their ab workouts. Knowing just how important a strong, resilient and powerful set of abs is to their performance in the cage…adds a whole new level of meaning to getting a six pack! In this video I show you an MMA ab workout that you can do with one piece of equipment, either at home or in the gym.

If you choose to do this MMA ab workout at home, simply stack up a few couch cushions and use those as your punching bag. If you do these ab exercises at a gym you can use either a med ball like I’m using here or even a stability ball.

The key to this ab workout is to attack it with a ferocity usually reserved for squats, deadlifts or other big muscle exercises! When you train your abs explosively you are able to integrate them with the bigger muscles of the core and trunk to produce more powerful contractions. The simple act of decelerating the momentum of the impact in each of the ab exercises in this ab workout is enough of an added touch to get you seeing faster results. Throw in the fact that the endurance needed to withstand round after round of this brutal ab killer is sure to put you to the test.

Throughout this entire MMA workout for abs you will want to stay in the plank position. If at any time during the work out you allow your knees to touch the floor and you break the plank, this will be considered a tap out. When you combine the difficulty of the ab exercises selected in this workout with the rules laid out, you have one of the best ab workouts you can do at home or in the gym!

If you want to get more than just abs like an MMA fighter, you’ll want to start training like an athlete in all of your workouts! To start following the same workout program used by today’s top professional athletes, so you can start looking like one, head to and get your ATHLEAN-X Training System.

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