Mobility Drills vs Flexibility Stretches (Which is MORE Important?)

Get your workouts, flexibility, mobility and nutrition in one program…

Ask the average gym goer which is more important, mobility drills or stretches to improve flexibility and you’re likely to get a disappointing answer of “neither”! If you want to train like an athlete and improve your performance in the gym and on the field if you’re an athlete, you definitely have to understand the difference between flexibility and mobility.

In this video I cover the differences between flexibility and mobility and break down the specifics.

Flexibility is a term that should be associated with an objective length in a muscle tissue. Flexibility is improved with sustained, consistent attention given to increasing the length of the tissue over time. Both static stretches and dynamic stretches are used to improve flexibility, but static are going to have more of an impact on improving length than dynamic (which fall more into the mobility type drills).

Mobility drills are those done to improve the subjective feel of a joint. When people refer to feeling stiff, they are likely dealing with the repercussions of having mobility issues with their joints. To improve your mobility, you want to work on mobility drills or wods before you train to improve your available motion.

You may have tremendous flexibility but if you don’t have proper mobility you may never realize your full benefits in your stretches. Understand the difference between mobility drills and flexibility stretches and then address them properly and you will likely find that your strength, stamina, and overall well being will improve beyond what it is now.

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