Modified Stomach Vacuum (THIS AB EXERCISE DOESN’T SUCK!)

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The stomach vacuum exercise is one of the most classic bodybuilding ab exercises of all time, but should you be doing it? Well, if your goals are aesthetic and athletic, there just might be a better way to perform the stomach vacuum to get the most out of it.

In this video, I show you how to perform a modified version of the stomach or ab vacuum exercise to not only engage the internal obliques and transverse abdominis but also how to perform it so that you get the external obliques and rectus abs involved as well. The key to performing or learning how to do the classic bodybuilding version of this ab exercise involved sucking in your stomach. That is not enough if you want to get functional abs.

A bodybuilding stomach vacuum can integrate the core muscles together and get them to perform the way they were meant to. The internal oblique stability developed with the arnold vacuum as some like to call it (or the gironda vacuum) helps to create a tighter waist. The activation of the overlying abs and external obliques once this is done adds a whole new level of activation.

The key difference between these vaccum exercise variations is really the sequencing in the muscles being fired to perform the ab movement. If you fire your deep abdominal muscles first, you set the stage for proper stability so you can exert more power in your more superficial ab muscles second.

Try to incorporate these vacuum tips and you might just be showing your friends how to do a stomach vacuum in no time. If you want to get a ripped core that has maximum muscle tension even at rest, then it’s time to start training your abs like an athlete. Head to to get a complete 90 day workout program for both your abs and total body.

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