Put real science back in your workouts (physical therapist created)

Who knew that 31 inch biceps were actually built in the lab and not the gym? In fact, depending on who you believe, you can build monster biceps using shortcuts and secret science conducted in far away labs rather than hard work and classic bicep workouts and exercises. Not so fast!

In this video, I show you how to weed through the phony hype and not so scientific research to get to the real information that you need to build bigger biceps naturally. Actually, it isn’t all about arms, it’s everything. Everywhere you look, people are pointing to different studies that show you how to increase protein synthesis with special enzymes. How much caffeine you can consume for maximum pre workout benefit. How abs are something you can get by sleeping, without ever lifting a finger. Do you really believe this?

In order to understand when a study you are reading is really real, you have to start looking for a few key things. First, who is conducting the study? Most studies are done at universities around the world however before you think that most of it is being conducted by the professor and trained scientists…think again. Most research that ends up appearing in publications is being done by the students themselves. Most of which are likely never going to pursue a career in research and are more concerned with getting a good grade in the class. When their GPA is at stake, and possibly the real job they will eventually be pursuing in another field, the validity of research can sometimes become compromised. It’s not ideal of course, but it’s the truth.

You also want to be aware of the funding of the study. When a supplement study or exercise research is being funded by a third party who stands to benefit from the outcome of the study in one way…you can’t always be sure that you are getting unbiased, honest results. This happens all the time. In fact, in the video I point out two occasions that this happened just recently and was brought to my attention in the comments on my videos.

The bottom line is, you may or may not care about the research that goes into the workouts you do. However, if you care about getting big biceps and want to do it as fast as you can, you’ll likely benefit from relying on the bicep workouts that have been based on real science. I recently put one such video up on our channel. I showed you how to use the concentric, isometric and eccentric muscle contraction strengths to your advantage to get much bigger arms.

If you want to see this video on how to get monster biceps with this triple contraction technique, as well as other videos on how to get bigger arms be sure to subscribe to our channel at

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