Monster Monday At-Home HIIT Workout: FYR: Hannah Eden's 30 Day Fitness Plan by RSP

Check out FYR: Hannah Eden’s 30-Day Fitness Plan, the new program along with RSP Nutrition. The program is unique, intense, and can be done at home.
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Hannah Eden is quickly becoming a legend in the strength and fitness community, and not just because of her hair color (although it doesn’t hurt). She’s also a perfect blend of superhuman workhorse, talented teacher, and inspirational force of nature.

FYR stands for “Find your reason,” Hannah’s motto and mantra. But while FYR is definitely going to challenge you, it’s not about senseless punishment. It’s about giving your body and mind the perfect dose of intensity, over and over, until you emerge 30 days later stronger and more inspired than ever. It’s about finding your reason to keep going, keep growing, and keep improving as an athlete and a person.

There’s nothing to be gained by trying in vain to keep up with someone who is on a completely different level from you. That’s why each FYR workout has three levels of technique and exertion to choose from: beginner (Tanner, on the left), intermediate (Paulo, on the right), or elite badass (Hannah). Pick what’s appropriate for you, or move back and forth between models as your abilities allow.

Remember: You control the throttle in this workout. That’s the beauty of timed sets like this 30/60/90 protocol. Just do your best, at the best pace you can manage, until the timer goes off.

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