Move of the Week: 3-Point Legs

One of the BEST Leg Exercises for Strong, Sexy Stems! AMAZING for ALL Fitness Levels!

Squats and lunges are great, but don’t forget there’s more than a couple ways to sculpt your legs! The BEST leg exercises combine a variety of movements to train your stems in different ways, while hitting all your muscles from different angles.

This move may look easy, but just do it for one minute with the BodyRock Booty Band and you’ll feel a burn like you’ve never felt before in all those hard to sculpt places. Saddle bags, inner thighs, as well as your quads, glutes and hamstrings: this move hits ‘em all.

See why 3-Point Legs is one of the best leg exercises.

Keep a bend in your supporting leg; this will ensure you’re strengthening both your legs at once—in different ways.
Keep your chest tall and spine straight—no leaning forward.
Keep the weight of the movement in the heel of your supporting leg—you’re touching the roving foot to the ground, but you shouldn’t be stomping this foot down. The movement should be light.

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