MUSCLE BUILDING TACTIC! - The Intensity You Need For Building Muscle

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Building muscle is one of the most sought after goals that guys have when they begin a workout program. It’s totally understandable. Most guys equate muscle with power (in and out of the gym) and not to mention the ability to get girl attraction!

With this week’s video, I’m going to show you a muscle building tactic that you’ll need to start doing if you want to build muscle as quickly as possible. That said, I’m going to ask you to fail! What? That’s right, I want you to fail…on your set that is.

You see, working out to failure is an important requirement of building muscle. The intensity needed to train to failure is usually enough to cause a growth adaptation to the muscles you’re trying to build. I’ll explain exactly how training to failure can be different from exercise to exercise however and more importantly, how you can use it effectively to build the most muscle.

For a complete muscle building program head to and get the ATHLEAN-X Training System by celebrity sports trainer Jeff Cavaliere. In the meantime check out this muscle building tactic here at

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