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Some people think that there are no good bodyweight bicep exercise options for building bigger biceps. That simply isn’t true. In this video, I’m going to show you a bicep exercise you can do without any fancy equipment that will not only help you to build bigger bis but will help you to put some serious peaks on them at the same time.

All you need to do this is a pullup bar. Of course, a simple doorway pullup bar purchased from any sporting goods store is perfectly capable of doing the job here. The key is for you to first identify what your goal for training is since you can do this particular biceps exercise two different ways. If you feel that you never get a great contraction on any of the exercises you do in your arm workouts, you can use this as an activator if you do it as an isometric.

The exercise is the chin hang and you want to do it as the first thing in your arm workout if you want to use it to prime your bis for the rest of the exercises to come. You should feel the most incredible contraction ever in your bicep muscle if you get this right and remember to do it completely fresh in your training. By virtue of having your elbows flexed hard, your middle and ring fingers squeezing the bar to act as an isometric supinator, and your arms in front of your body to flex your shoulders, you are getting a complete contraction on your biceps.

Simply jump up to the bar and squeeze for dear life. Remember not to let the angle of your arm close down too much here or you will shift the focus of the contraction to the lats rather than the bis. Also, you want to be sure you are really squeezing hard through those last two fingers so you get the feel of trying to twist the bar in your hands.

If you would rather use this exercise as the perfect bicep workout finisher, the only two things you will change about it are the time you do it and the method you use when doing it. First, the time. Obviously as a finisher you are going to want to do this after you have completed all of your bicep exercises in your workout. Just when you thought you had enough, you throw in one or two final sets of this.

Jump up to the bar and slowly fight the descent. Your one and only goal is to not let your body drop down to the floor. Pretend that you are hanging over a pit of molten lava if necessary, just don’t drop your feet to the ground. You want to use the same mechanics as you did on the first application of the exercise, except this time you will likely be much more fatigued and find that you just can’t hang as long as you did in the beginning.

If you really want to push your biceps to the limit, quickly jump back up to the bar for a second, third or fourth round (if your feet hit the floor) until you simply cannot control the descent at all. You will have reached true negative failure. Here is where you are able to push yourself through the limit and into the zone where muscle gains are sparked.

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