Netflix & Food Binging Caused LaDawn to Hit Rock Bottom | The Spark Transformation Story

A family member joked about LaDawn’s weight at Christmas, prompting a night of Netflix and food binging. Learn how she transformed her body and mind after hitting rock bottom.
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LaDawn played sports growing up, so she burned off most of the excess calories she was consuming. When that wasn’t enough, she began wearing loose clothing. But at a certain point, it became painfully obvious that LaDawn Latawiec was overweight.

After an eye-opening joke about weight gain from her uncle during a family Christmas gathering, LaDawn’s self-esteem took a hit. After a night of Netflix and food binging, she finally came to the realization that things needed to change. Signing up for a challenge in 2015 kicked off her journey toward a healthier lifestyle. Despite several life hurdles and roadblocks, she managed to stay the course.

This is LaDawn’s story.

Why Did You Decide To Transform?

I was sick and tired of being uncomfortable with my body. I’d felt that way since childhood and all the way through my four years spent in university. I never felt fit enough to wear a bikini or a tight dress. In tenth grade, I remember saying I wanted to get in shape and lose my tummy, but it took 10 years for me to make a change. Once I did, my whole outlook on life changed.

How Did Things Change?

People around me started to look up to me for being the fit one, which I loved! I had friends and family ask me questions about how I was achieving my goals, and I loved sharing things with them! The confidence I gained once I learned what to do in a weight room was amazing. I feel better now than I ever have! I no longer worry about having that slice of pizza because I know the occasional cheat meal is okay. I don’t worry about being invited to the beach, because I know that I can rock a bikini. The best part about being confident is always smiling!

How Did You Accomplish Your Goals?

Once I decided to change my life for good, I made drastic changes. In January 2015, I entered the transformation challenge. That was the first time I stuck to something for 12 full weeks. I meal prepped every Sunday to prepare for my long work week. I was working six days a week for up to 12 hours a day, so preparation was key!

I also dedicated my evenings to the gym instead of spending time on my couch or with friends. I even spent two or three mornings a week doing fasted cardio before work. I wanted to quit so many times during those 12 weeks, but every time I felt that way, I watched an inspirational video or read articles online. I would also talk to some people on Bodyspace to get my butt back in gear, but a lot of my inspiration came from my dad! He’s been lifting weights his whole life.

How Did Bodybuilding.Com Help You Reach Your Goals?

Oh, man, had everything I needed to be successful. For me, the free challenges were the best part. Those helped me stay accountable and encouraged me to meet like-minded people in the Bodyspace groups. Combined with the free training and nutrition plans, and the thousands of articles offering information on health and fitness, I got well-rounded information. Did I mention it was all free? I didn’t have the money to pay a trainer, so that was huge for me!


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