NEW Biceps Workout!! BEACH READY Biceps for Summer!

Get Bigger Biceps –

Bigger Biceps are on top of nearly every guy’s wish list (second only to solid six pack abs) and finding guys banging away at set after set of biceps curls or doing biceps workouts every day in pursuit of these muscles is not uncommon. But is it effective? Not by a long shot. In order to develop serious biceps you have to train them intensely and keep the workout volume low.

The biceps are a small muscle group that respond to intense training. Doing biceps workouts more than once or twice a week will NOT help you to build them up faster but will actually work to reduce the size gains that you can see.

That said, in this biceps workout (our Beach Ready Biceps for Summer Workout) you will see how with just 4 biceps exercises you can work your arms from every angle and apply real muscle building science in the process to produce noticeably larger arms.

Here’s a rundown of the Biceps Workout in this video:

21 Curls – Hit the midrange, stretch, and contracted position of the biceps with this scorcher.

Scales of Justice Curls – Use uneven weights to force you to execute the critical time under tension principle to build bigger biceps faster

No Money Chin Ups – See how a slight tweak to a common back exercise can build your biceps to all new dimensions

Tubing Burnout Curls – Biceps have never burned this much

So give that a try and when you’re ready to see how ATHLEAN-X training can create a complete body then head to and grab the complete 90 day training system. Learn how to train like an athlete (and build more than just biceps) with the system created by celebrity trainer Jeff Cavaliere.

For other workouts on youtube head to

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