NO EQUIPMENT Exercise - Upper Body Annihilator!

There are plenty of No Equipment exercise options out there for the upper body, but quite frankly, I’m not really sure any of them fit the bill as an “annihilator” since they tend to focus on just one area at one time. Welcome to ATHLEAN-X Style Training!

By taking a exercises and integrating muscle groups to work TOGETHER as they are intended, we are not only able to build strength and lean muscle mass…but when done in a certain way, are able to elevate anaerobic metabolism as well and burn fat! It’s the holy grail of training. Build lean muscle AND burn fat at the same time.

With this new exercise (a sample from the brand new AthLEAN X-clusive EMPTY ROOM CHALLENGE) you will see how you can put your body to the torture…I mean test….and push it to levels you never dreamed possible.

After you’ve tried this, make sure you visit to get the entire challenge with 9 more bodyweight exercises requiring zero equipment, that you can do anywhere to get in insane shape. It’s just another benefit of AthLEAN-X training and another reason to join TEAM ATHLEAN today.

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