OBLIQUES and AB Shredder in 1 exercise!!!!!!


People always wonder if there is one exercise that will train the obliques and abs at the same time. The idea is, if you could find just 1 exercise that can accomplish this, you could get double the results in half the time!

Enter the Double Edge Woodchopper Exercise!

This abs and obliques exercise is one of my favorites and one that I rely on all the time with my top professional athletes (particularly my baseball players) who need to depend on rotational core power to be able to hit the ball far!

Watch as I dissect the reasons why this exercise ranks up there with the best ab exercises you can do and then head over to http://athleanx.com to grab the workout system that combines exercises just like this one into a 90 day program for getting you the same ripped, lean and athletic muscle that todays top athletes are sporting. Get AthLEAN-X and get athlean today!

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