Occlusion Training for Biceps (SEE WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT!)

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Occlusion training or restrictive blood flow training is all the rage right now, but is it worth talking about? In this video, I show you occlusion training for biceps in action and explain to you what some of the benefits of this intensity technique are when trying to build bigger muscles. You’ll see an actual occlusion cluster set and hear what you should be focusing on if you are going to attempt to use this muscle building workout intensifier.

Early research suggests that occlusion training can be beneficial for a few reasons. First, because you don’t have to use as much weight to cause type II fiber activation, it’s proponents argue that you can get the same benefits that heavy weight training would do without having to subject your joints to the loads. While chemically there could be some support for this, I can tell you that this one technique will never replace the benefits of lifting heavy weights. You cannot think that restrictive blood flow workouts will be your go to technique that will create all the muscle gain you are hoping for. Work it in with your heavy training and you may have a powerful one-two combo.

The next argument for occlusion training is that by creating this hypoxic environment within your muscles that you will more quickly fatigue the type I oxidative fibers and get to the more hypertrophy capable type II fibers. Again, this sounds good in practice and has been demonstrated in some published research, but I don’t think this can ultimately replace the benefit of heavy training when it comes to stimulating type II fiber activation.

Finally, the metabolic intracellular stress provided by the occlusion training has been argued to cause a stimulus for protein repair and muscle growth. This has actually been demonstrated multiple times in multiple different scenarios and has a likelihood of being a solid benefit of restrictive blood flow training. That said, this isn’t appropriate for everybody. Those trainees who have blood pressure issues or diseases that affect blood flow will definitely want to consult their physician before undertaking RBFT. Especially considering the fact that there are other set intensifying techniques at your disposal that will render your need to do occlusion training much less important if it’s not a fit for you.

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