Olympia 2014 With BSN & A Little Taste Of Deep Behind The Scenes In Vegas!

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Thought we would change it up from the normal event videos and go deeper behind the scenes of our entire trip!

Hope you all enjoy the video and if you like this format, be sure to hit that LIKE button and leave a comment below!

Was an honor meeting so many of you!

(0:02)- Welcome to the Olympia!
(0:12)- The new BSN booth #PUSH
(0:41)- BSN Athlete Dr. Sara Solomon
(0:55)- My New Signature Card!
(1:15)- Hermanite Ramon’s Transformation!
(1:26)- Oh, you don’t know Herbie? #HerbieGains!
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKbE-…

(2:11)- Pre-breakfast at Starbucks!
(2:26)- pinkberry- why you no open?!
(2:48)- Conquering The Buffet- Vegas Style! Meat, Meat, Meat!
LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KG4CW…

(2:51)- Boulevard Cream For Life!
(4:02)- Day 2 at the Olympia!
(5:22)- My favorite part of the Olympia
(5:57)- Hanging out with Nick Wright Bodybuilding!
Check out Nick’s Channel: https://www.YouTube®.com/scondore

(7:33)- Checkin out the Vegas Scene!
(7:58)- Poolside at the Cosmopolitan Hotel!
(9:11)- Calvin Harris at the Hakkasan at the MGM!
(9:55)- Last day in Vegas…
(10:33)- The best part of the video, Hermanite Shoutouts!!!!
(11:08)- A heartfelt goodbye
(11:39)- Olympia Fashion Tip…
(11:39)- The creepiest part of the video
(13:01)- Click here for my INTENSE butt kicking routine! #LEANGAINS

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