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Lifting is a lot more complex than just “Lift things up and put them down”. Aside from proper form, breathing techniques also come into play especially when you begin to lift extremely heavy weight. In this video I am going to show you how to maximize control over your core which will allow you to lift more weight on any exercise if done properly. It will take some time for you to figure out the precise amount of air to take in to maximize core engagement on various lifts, but just like anything else, practice makes perfect. I will also show you how to utilize this technique when using a weight belt. Unfortunately a lot people I see in the gym have no clue how to utilize a weight belt to maximize their lifts and in most cases will do more damage to their body because they think the belt is “working” when it is not doing anything at all. If you have any more questions, please feel free to join us in the forums on SHF! #HTH #SHFAthlete….

(1:34)- Stomach Vacuum (2:16)-
Video Link:…

(2:20)- Tip To Increase Your Strength!
(3:32)- Apply To OVERHEAD PRESS
(5:00)- Apply To SQUAT
(6:20)- Apply To BARBELL BENCH PRESS (7:11)
Video Link:…

(8:08)- Apply To BARBELL CURL
(9:55)- Apply To DEADLIFT (10:53)-
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(15:19)- Join The Discussion!
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