Out of Surgery and Onto the Stage with Shaun Stafford | The Bodybuilding.com Podcast | Ep 10

Two-time WBFF world champion Shaun Stafford stops by to talk about buffets, injuries, and coming back from the shoulder cyst he thought at first was just gains.
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The madness behind the scenes at the Olympia expo
How Shaun originally injured his shoulder and thought a large cyst “was just gains”
“There’s a 60% chance this is going to work…”
Finding his “new normal” post-surgery
When it’s worth it even for a self-taught pro to hire a coach
How to have shoulders without training shoulders
His “weak link” program to do as active recovery
“What would you rather do? Be able to play for 45 minutes with your boy without huffing and puffing, or be jacked and wear a large t-shirt?”
His three phases of the perfect workout


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