Overhead Press More Weight (In Just 3 Minutes!!)

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The overhead press is one of the classic upper body strength and power exercises you can do. The problem is, if you’re not doing them correctly, you’re leaving a lot of untapped strength and power behind. To increase your overhead press and learn how to press more weight you’ve got to start with an understanding of the kinetic chain.

The military press exercise or barbell press is a shoulder exercise that helps you to build bigger delts and a strong core. The power for the exercise originates from the ground however. Too often, people attempt to press overhead without paying attention to the rest of the kinetic chain. If you allow your legs and core to get loose or lose their tension, you are providing a great opportunity for energy leaks along the transfer of power.

In this video, I show you how to get a stronger overhead press to build bigger shoulders by fixing your energy leaks. Before doing this pressing exercise you have to be sure that you tighten your quads and glute muscles as tight as you can. This acts to conserve the transfer of power from the feet through the core, to the upper body much more efficiently.

Make sure to continue squeezing the glutes as hard as you can, as well as the quads, to keep the power from leaking out and making the overhead press much more difficult than it has to be. From here, press the barbell overhead focusing on keeping the trunk rigid by engaging your abs and core muscles.

This overhead pressing tip is great because it works literally on your first try. Not only that, but you can apply this tip to other exercises as well, so you can increase your bench press weight and learn how to bench press more with the same principles.

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