Partial Reps for Building Muscle (DEMONSTRATION!)

Use more than just partial reps to build insane muscle here…

There is no doubt about it, partial reps are a great lifting technique for helping you to add strength and power. That said, this may not even be the best use of this method. In this video, I show you how to use partial reps to build muscle size by exploiting the opposite end of the range than is normally used. You see, in most cases, when people use partial rep training they focus on loading up the weights in their strongest part of the range of motion for an exercise.

Here, I’m going to show you how to instead go lighter in the harder portion of the exercise. In the exercise demonstrated, I show you how to apply partial reps for hypertrophy using the dumbbell side lateral exercise. In an effort to develop larger deltoids, I’ve been utilizing this technique when training my shoulders.

The hardest portion of this exercise is the second half of the movement. It is in this range that the muscles of the shoulder have to work the most to lift the arm to a point where it is parallel to the ground. When the lever arm controlled by the muscle in question is perpendicular to the line of force (in this case gravity acts as the force and is always straight down), then that muscle is being pushed to it’s maximum.

In order to isolate this range, we certainly have to make an adaptation and lighten the weights that we use. That said, it doesn’t make the exercise any easier. As I show you, the delts have to work incredibly hard (even with the much lighter weight) to overcome the lack of momentum and move through the second half of the range.

The benefit here is that I can really force the desired muscle to perform the contraction and therefore command more time under tension and resultant size from that muscle. You have to leave your ego at the door to utilize partial reps in this manner however. You may not push as much weight, but in the next few weeks you’ll see just how effective this one technique can be for building muscle.

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