Perfect Posture in 5 Steps (BAD POSTURE BUSTER!)

Build the perfect muscular posture that demands attention here…

Bad posture is so common, it’s a rarity whenever you see someone that has perfect posture. That said, I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that the postural advice and tips we are being given to try and help straighten us out are doing more harm than good. Learning how to get good posture can be downright confusing. In this video, I’m going to show you 5 simple steps to perfect posture that you can actually implement by the time you are done watching. Going to throw in a drill that you can do that will help to keep the posture for the long term as well.

In order to achieve perfect posture you must have a respect for how important it is in the first place. When you are lifting weights, you should always be sure to try and lift from a position of biomechanical strength. When you have bad posture, you are asking your body to try and produce force out of a compromised position. You not only end up being far weaker from this position but you are begging for an injury as well.

You can start to fix bad posture by starting from the top down. Here, we want to first focus on the neck. Now many people will tell you that you have to focus on the chin and on tucking it back or standing against a wall and retracting it into the wall. This is not only awkward but hard to tell when you are even doing it right. Instead, you can get your neck into a vertical position in the middle cervical segments by simply standing sideways in a mirror and correcting the forward angle of the neck.

Next you want to work on those shoulders. Again, here you are told to pinch your shoulder blades together. This becomes a problem because when you don’t do this correctly you wind up looking like a chicken. Instead, you can accomplish both the back and down movements of the shoulders by focusing on the sternum or breast bone instead. Make sure that the top of it is not angled downwards at all, but rather completely level (as if a glass of water).

Next you want to be sure that you engage your abs. I’m not talking about flexing them but rather contracting them so that you can support your spine from below. This simply requires you to tighten your midsection and hold it without holding your breath.

Next we control the position of the hips and pelvis. Due to all of the sitting we do throughout the day, we have a high tendency to have tightened hip flexors that pull our pelvis into anterior tilt. You can quickly counteract this with a squeeze of the glutes. This activation of the posterior chain muscles will pull your pelvis into a posterior tilt. If you are already anteriorly rotated this will most likely get you back to neutral, which is good.

Finally, the knees always have a tendency to give in and flex a bit. This causes you to sag and hang on your pelvic ligaments. Instead, actively contract your quads and this will straighten you up and lock in your posture. Perform the exercise shown at the end a couple times per day to train these dormant postural muscles how to engage when you are not thinking about it.

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