PISTOL SQUATS Solution - Do a Pistol Squat Today (Even if you Can't Do One!)


Pistol squats are definitely one of the hardest leg exercises out there. They require a huge amount of overall leg, quad and glute strength and rely on having good balance to complete them as well.

Jeff Cavaliere shows you a way to start doing pistol squats even if you’ve never been able to complete even one of them before! Start getting the benefits of this great leg exercise without suffering the back and knee pain that plagues many back squatters today.

When you’re done completing this exercise and are looking for more ways to challenge your body with cool, unique and effective exercises…then it’s time you check out the AthLEAN-X Training System at http://athleanx.com

When you’re looking to get ripped, lean and build athletic muscle…there’s only one program to follow. Start doing what celebrity fitness trainer Jeff Cavaliere has his professional athletes doing to get in the top shape that you see these guys displaying as you watch your favorite team. Get the AthLEAN-X Training System today.

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