Post Workout Protein Shake - INSANE FLAVOR!

Looking for the best tasting post workout protein shake –

The post workout protein shake is one of the most important meals surrounding the time of your workout. This is because, it is during this time that your muscles are most primed and ready for absorption…and therefore what you give them is critical. Well, in this video I show you a crazy tasting post workout protein supplement that you can make with just a few ingredients.

The ATHLEAN-Rx Mojito post workout protein shake takes the following ingredients and puts them into one of the best tasting supplement combos that you can take after your workout.

– 1 scoop of ATHLEAN-Rx 2 post workout( available at )
– 3 sprigs of MINT
– 1 lime flavored Yoplait Greek Yogurt (13 grams of protein)
– 1 cup or so of skim nonfat milk
– Ice

This post workout shake is not only great tasting, but it delivers everything your muscles need after your workout like readily available whey protein, BCAA’s (branch chain amino acids), Kre-alkalyn (a bioavailable form of creatine), and more.

If you use bodybuilding supplements and you want to know what the best supplement to take to build muscle is, then you need to check out the ATHLEAN-Rx lineup and start building today.

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