Power Workout Test - POWER, SPEED, STAMINA in One Exercise

Athletic Power Workout: http://athleanx.com/x/getathleticpower

To develop explosive muscle you’ve got to perform power workouts as part of your training. Power exercises don’t necessarily have to be the classic Olympic weight lifting movements that you see the big bulky guys grunting over at the gym. No, in fact they should be much more functional and athletic if they are to translate into bigger muscles and more powerful workouts that carry out to the field.

To develop power you want a workout or exercise that can train power, speed, and stamina all at once. This video shows you an exercise that we used as a test in Spring Training to test the power endurance of our athletes. It’s called the 30 Second Cone test.

In this 30 second period you are to demonstrate your power endurance and test your power by attempting to complete 60 jumps in the 30 seconds. This power workout test will put your legs through a test of power while you’re stamina and endurance will be tested as well.

When you’re done with this workout…if you are able to achieve 60 or nearly 60 jumps in 30 seconds, then you will want to start training the rest of your body in this manner to uncover explosive muscle gains! You can get started by heading to http://athleanx.com and getting the original pro athlete endorsed workout program ATHLEAN-X.

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