Proper Deadlift Setup (How to Nail it EVERY TIME!)

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The deadlift is by far one of the best exercises you can do, if you do it correctly! See how to perform the deadlift properly and how to setup this powerful exercise the right way, every single time. With just one tip, I’ll show you how to determine the proper hip and knee contribution you should be using when you perform the deadlifts.

Proper deadlift form starts with setting up to the bar the right way. You need to align the bar over your laces. Many people make the mistake of keeping the bar too far away from them which causes them to have to reach for the bar and unnecessarily round their lower back. As a physical therapist, I’ve said many times, loaded flexion of the lumbar spine can quickly lead to disc issues if your back isn’t properly stabilized. Keeping the bar tight to the shins is a necessity.

The proper ratio of hip to knee bend is also very crucial to the proper execution and form on the deadlift. The easiest way to determine this is to approach the bar and hang your arms in front of your body. Without bending the knees, allow your hips to drop back as if descending into a romanian deadlift. When the hands reach the level of the knees, then stop dropping the hips any further and just release the knees and allow them to bend. You should be able to do this until your hands reach the bar. You are now perfectly setup to perform the deadlift with the proper balance of hip hinge and knee bend.

To lift the bar, simply reverse the move. Push hard through your feet and keep the hips high as you raise the bar off the floor. Once the hands reach the level of the knees, drive your hips forward and through to power the bar until you are standing fully erect. If you are just learning how to deadlift or how to execute proper form on deadlifts you will want to start with a very light weight. Progressively add more and more weight to the bar without sacrificing your setup form or lifting form at all.

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