Pull Up Test for Anyone (2 MINUTES!!)

Start doing more pullups than ever before here…

Pull ups are one of the most important upper body exercises you can do, but how many reps can you do? In this video, I’m going to show you the correct way to do a pullup and give you some basic guidelines as to how many pull ups you should be able to do in two minutes.

The key to this pull up challenge is that you can rest along the way. You need to have a strategy for how many reps you think you can do at any one time before you reach failure. If you tap too much into your energy reserves you are going to have a hard time regrouping in time to knock out enough subsequent reps.

Regardless of how many pullups you can complete here, the important thing is to do them correctly. We do not condone kipping pullups in ATHLEAN-X. Instead, you want to be able to master the dead hang pullup exercise. You start from a position where your body is extended beneath the bar with your arms straight. Contract your lats and pull your body up to the bar until your chin is at or above the level of the bar.

Lower down slowly and pull yourself back up to the bar as you complete each rep. My personal record for two minutes is just about 50 reps. When done in a pre-fatigued state (such as after a back workout) I do substantially fewer (in the 33-35 rep range). If you rely too much on your forearms to pull you up to the bar you are going to likely fatigue these smaller muscles before your big muscles have a chance to do their job.

Challenges like this two minute pullup challenge are important in that they push you further than you might think you are capable. They also give you a number to shoot for. If you have an objective measure of what your peers are capable of doing, it gives you a chance to compare and establish a goal.

Doing pullups is critical to building upper body strength. The scapular stability and shoulder girdle strength is important to getting stronger at every other upper body pulling exercise you do. With your increased ability to do more reps at pullups will come more upper body size and muscle gain. You will never find a person that looks good that cannot do pullups.

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For more videos on how to increase your pullups, be sure to subscribe to our channel here on youtube at http://youtube.com/user/jdcav24

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