Pushup Variation for Bigger Chest (YOU VS. THE WALL!)

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The pushup and its many variations is one of the most common bodyweight home chest exercises that you can do to build your chest. That said, unless you are using a variation of the push up that is challenging to you in the lower rep ranges, you likely aren’t going to build much muscle from doing them. In this video, I show you a new pushup variety that you can do to not just build a bigger chest but get a more stable core as well.

The explosive “wall stick pushup” is a killer. It may look difficult (because it is) but do not worry, you can adapt this to a more basic level by performing what I show you on your knees. Either way, the point is that by adding an element of speed and explosiveness to each rep you will find that you will greatly limit the number of reps you can perform until overload is reached.

In order to create a stimulus for new muscle growth you have to be sure that all of your exercises are challenging to your muscles. The body likes to stay the same. Unless forced to grow, your muscles will prefer to stay the same size and strength that they are now.

We can ensure this isn’t the case by making choices to increase the difficulty of the pushups that we do. Plyometric pushups alone are good, but again maybe you are used to doing them and only by doing twenty plus reps can you start to feel fatigued and overloaded. If this is the case, it isn’t that you are not having a tough workout but you aren’t overloading the muscle with enough intensity in a low enough rep range to create strength and size gains.

That said, you want to be sure that you incorporate variations of the pushup into your home workouts that challenge your current strength abilities. This wall stick pushup may still be easy for you. If so, you are not only incredibly strong, but needing something else to make sure you aren’t stagnating in your chest muscle growth. In this case, you would perform the one hand stick variation of this already killer pushup.

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