Quick Shoulder Mobility Drill (STRONGER BENCH PRESS!)

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Shoulder mobility drills are all the rage right now thanks to buzz created by trainers who just recently became aware of their importance. While certainly critical to keeping your shoulder joints healthy, it isn’t the only thing you need to worry about. You also need to focus on optimizing the mobility of your shoulder joints as well.

In this video, I show you a shoulder stability drill that can be used to test your shoulder mobility as well. All you need to do is add a resistance band to the exercise and you can test both in the same movement. The fact that this can be done anywhere with a single piece of tubing makes it perfect for home as well.

To perform this shoulder mobility drill, all you need to do is start by warming up your shoulders with some forward and backward circles. This is the move that you commonly do most likely instinctively any time you want to try and loosen up your shoulder joints before any big upper body lift. For example, the bench press is a power lifting movement that requires not only shoulder mobility but also the stability of the muscles surrounding the shoulder, if you want to lift the most weight you can.

Once warmed up, grab the band and hold it out at arms length in front of your chest. Begin by performing a slight band pull apart so that you place some tension on the band. Without bending your elbows at all, start raising the band up over head and behind your back without allowing the band to snap back too quickly.

The key to this shoulder mobility drill is pacing. You want to be able to control every inch of the movement as you move the band over and back. If you lack the needed mobility of your shoulders you will likely see that you can’t move the band in the complete arc without bending your elbows. If you lack the stability of your shoulders you will see that the band will not be able to travel smoothly and slowly for the entire arc.

Try and complete 6-10 reps of this over and back shoulder mobility drill and test your own shoulders. Are you suffering from a lack of mobility or stability or both? If you can’t keep your elbows straight because you lack mobility, start with your hands spread apart wider as this will allow you to make it over and back with less mobility required.

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