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Rachel’s Full program and much more: http://bbcom.me/18ghn2a
Rachel Flint’s fitness, nutrition, and supplement regimens aren’t fancy. They’re made from basic bodybuilding foundations. It might seem simple, but it can help you succeed!

Congratulations to Rachel Flint, Bobybuilding.com’s 2012 Military Transformation Challenge winner! Not only is Rachel a full-time wife, mother of two daughters, and a captain in the Air National Guard, she’s also a health-and-fitness aficionado.

Her incredible transformation is an inspiring reminder that the will to work invokes positive change.

In a bid to find health before she joined the military, Rachel quit smoking, started running, and learned how to use weights to change her pear shape. But she didn’t stop there.

When challenged to participate in the 2012 Military Transformation, she jumped in and carved her body into an aesthetic statue.

Here’s her story:
Growing up, Rachel didn’t play sports and had no real desire to be an athlete. “I thought it was beyond the realm of possibility,” she says. “It didn’t ever occur to me that I could be athletic.” And that’s where she stayed until her early twenties when she joined the military.

“I knew that if I was going to survive basic training, then I was going to have to get fit. So I gave up smoking and started running,” she says. She definitely did survive, and went on to serve overseas. While deployed in Saudi Arabia, she learned the basics of weight training. “It was very beginner-level stuff. So I just built on it,” she says.

Although she was motivated to train with weights, she didn’t think much would happen: “My natural shape is a pear. I had very narrow shoulders and bigger hips. I thought if I got fit, I would just be a smaller pear.” Rachel was never overweight nor did she have unhealthy body fat levels, but she wanted to see what was underneath.

When she started challenging herself in the gym, she began to see that shape change. “I was astonished to see what I looked like. It’s been incredible to see that I’m not genetically determined to always have the same shape.”

Rachel had great success with her fitness, but wanted an even bigger challenge. “I’m really good with deadlines, and this challenge gave me an excellent goal of hitting it hard for 12 weeks,” says Rachel. “I knew I had gotten to the point where I was complacent with my workouts. I was ready to kick it up a notch.” Did she ever!

Her fitness success has inspired others. “I’ve had a lot of military members, family, and friends say they’re willing to give fitness a shot because of what I’ve done.” Rachel proves that fitness doesn’t have to be expensive or life-consuming. “You just need the discipline to do it,” she says.

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