"Rear Delt Destroyer" - NEW Shoulder Exercise!


There are so many shoulder exercises and workouts, but none of them seem to hit the rear delts the way that this exercise does! The Rear Delt Destroyer by AthLEAN-X is one of the most effective rear delt builders around.

Why is that? Because it incorporates BOTH shoulder external rotation and a rear delt fly or reverse fly. This helps to fully activate the shoulder and maximize muscle development.

Most guys, in an effort to build bigger shoulders, work on the more popular exercises to build the front delts and side delts. This is ok, but by totally ignoring the rear delts, the shoulders give that shallow appearance. It’s important that in order to create wide rounded shoulders (that look good from all angles) that you start strengthening them from all sides.

Once you’ve tried this NEW shoulder exercise be sure to bring the rest of your shoulders up to speed…head over to http://athleanx.com and get the training system that MMA fighters, pro athletes, hollywood celebrities and F1 Race Car drivers are relying on…..get the AthLEAN-X Training System!

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