REVERSE PUSHUPS - Bodyweight Exercise For Building A BIGGER Back!

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When it comes to bodyweight exercises for building a bigger back we often think that our only option is a pullup or some sort of inverted row or chinup. That said, the pullup alone will not help you to balance out an overdeveloped or tight chest or rounded shoulders. If you’re going to do this you’re going to need a bodyweight exercise that you can mimic the back row exercise that you can do anywhere!

In this video I show you how to perform what I call the reverse pushup. This home bodyweight exercise is used to develop the mid back muscles and area between your shoulder blades. You would want to use this to counteract the tendency we have to get tight and have our shoulders pulled forward into bad posture.

The great thing about bodyweight exercises is that you can use them to build a bigger back without having to have access to an elite gym or even a pullup bar in this case. Just find two benches or things that you can prop your elbows up on and get between and you can do the reverse pushup and start building a bigger back today.

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