RIGHT Stretching Routine - WRONG TIME!! (Big Mistake)

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Stretching routines can be quite confusing to those working out. Simply because there are not only a lot of stretching options but ways to stretch that make it all that much more confusing. In this vide, I show you a stretching routine that can be done both to increase flexibility and to act as a warmup before working out.

The big difference between the two however is how you perform the stretching exercises that I show you. As a dynamic stretching warmup routine you are going to want to move through the stretches without holding any one of them. The idea is to take the muscle through it’s full range of available motion while working on the eccentric control and lengthening of that muscle. This will serve to prep the muscle for the movements and reactions it will have to encounter during activities to follow.

For more of a lengthening response, the stretch routine shown here can be tweaked to be more of a static stretching routine. This is perfect for after workouts. So instead of thinking of this as a stretching for workouts type activity it would be most beneficial if thought of as a stretching to get ready for the next workout!

These static stretches are meant to be held for approximately 45-60 seconds in order to slowly sink into the increasingly available range of motion.

Bottom line, it’s not only important to learn how to stretch properly but also how to stretch at the right time. Doing one without the other can completely compromise the overall benefits.

Start with this series of stretching exercises and see how one lower body stretching routine can be used for two different purposes and start seeing how training like an athlete can take your entire body to all new levels of development.

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