Ripped Abs at the Restaurants - Get Ripped Abs with ANY Menu!

Get Ripped Abs Anywhere with the X-Factor Meal Plan

Can you really get ripped abs eating out at the restaurants? Traditional wisdom would tell you definitely not, but that’s only if you eat out without a plan. In this video I show you how with just 4 simple steps you can make any restaurant menu one with plenty of options on it without ruining your chances of having ripped six pack abs.

It all starts with selecting a LEAN PROTEIN. Be sure not to choose fattier sources of protein like steaks marbled with fat, fried chicken or fish bathed in cream sauces. The next step is to make sure it’s PREPARED healthily. This means that you want to look for words like “grilled”, “seared”, “sauteed”, “charbroiled”, etc and avoid the “crispy”, “fried”, “battered”, etc words that will cover your ripped abs like butter being slathered over hot bread.

Next you want to fill your plate with FIBROUS CARBOHYDRATES. These include most of the crunchy vegetables that you grew up hating like broccoli, asparagus, snap peas, carrots, etc. Finally, don’t fear the STARCHY CARBS. These are a muscle builders dream. You NEED starchy carbohydrates to help your muscles recover quicker from your workouts and to provide your muscles with energy for your next workout.

With these 4 simple steps you can take your abs with you to any restaurant and leave with them! It’s definitely not easy to get a set of solid 6 pack abs, but it becomes even harder to keep them if you’re not eating properly. Use this eating out guide as your way to ensure that your hard earned abs show all year long.

For more nutrition shortcuts and a foolproof 90 day meal plan to get your abs showing head to and get the “X”Factor Meal Plan with your ATHLEAN-X training program. Getting ripped abs has never been easier than with this one two combo. Looking forward to hearing about your ripped abs on our site.

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