RIPPED Back Workout - In-Depth Tips (STEP BY STEP!)

Get a Ripped, Wide, Back Workout Now –

In this video I am going to show you some of the best back exercises you should include in your next back workout to ensure that you not only get complete development but also a noticeably defined, ripped back!

The back is often a muscle group that we overlook in our workouts in favor of the more popular “beach muscles” like the chest, arms, and abs. That is a big mistake! In fact, it’s actually more important that you pay attention to your back workouts than anything else since it literally sets the foundation for the rest of your upper body muscle growth and workouts.

Think of it this way. Your lats, rhomboids and traps are like a canvas…spreading over the entire area of your upper body. The wider the back and canvas, the more beautiful the picture you can paint. Make sense? Well, in order to get a bigger back, you have to concentrate hard on your back workouts. With just these few back workout tips you should be able to start making a huge dent in your ability to grow your back.

Some of the key things you need to focus on when training your back are:

1. Sometimes it’s important to lift LESS weight than more weight when you’re trying to build a bigger back. This is because activation of the key back muscles in every one of your back workouts is critical for seeing results. Throw the weight around and you won’t be able to actually squeeze the lats or rhomboids with conscious effort.

2. You need to incorporate isometric holds into your back training and workouts. Your back muscles are postural muscles that need more continuous activation.

3. Prestretch your lats during your back workouts. In almost every back exercise, if you have the opportunity to, you should be sure to prestretch the muscles. This not only allows for a stronger contraction but it also makes sure that you activate the right back muscles during the workout.

4. Finally, if you have back muscle weaknesses on one side or the other, you should test them before doing any back workout. This will allow you to plan around the weaknesses and develop a much stronger back overall.

If you find this video helpful, then be sure to head over to to find a complete back workout that will allow you to get a bigger, ripped back. There are two complete back workouts available in the TNT’s, with a home and gym version of the back workout. It’s time to get x-plosive results. Time to build a bigger back.

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