Rocky IV Ab Workout (ABS LIKE STALLONE!)

Get rock hard abs like stallone by training like an athlete

“Training Montage” by Vin DiCola

Nobody is more famous for their workouts or their abs than Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) in his training montages from every Rocky movie. Perhaps none is more memorable than in Rocky IV, when the Rock travels to the outskirts of Russia where he is forced to train without any sophisticated equipment. Some of the best ab workouts and exercises were borne from that very scene and are still practiced in gyms across the world every day.

In this video, I pay homage to my childhood idol by putting together a killer Rocky 4 ab workout routine that you can do with nothing more than a pullup bar and a resistance band. There are all levels of difficulty found in the ab exercises in this video. From beginner ab exercises to much more advanced, this home ab workout routine is sure to challenge everyone at every level.

Many of the ab exercises and movements found in this ab workout video are pulled from the movie or modified to be home equivalents. The key to making this possible for you is to work to your own ability level. If there are some exercises in this ab workout that you simply can’t do, don’t worry about performing them at this time. Instead, focus on the ab exercises in the workout that you can do and work to get stronger at them.

Over time, as your ab strength improves, aim to complete this entire ab workout by taking each exercise to failure. Remember, the only way to ensure consistent progress and growth is to push yourself to your limits each time you train. The same applies to your ab workouts. Just because the frequency of ab training can be more often than some other muscle groups not built as much for endurance, it doesn’t mean that you still don’t want to train them hard.

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