RSP Chiseled Phase 1 Overview -

Your fat-loss journey begins with 14 days of dedicated muscle-building work. Here’s everything you need to know to add some size before we start the strength phase of RSP Chiseled!

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Phase 1 of the RSP Chiseled 8-week fat-loss trainer is the hypertrophy and endurance phase. What’s that, you say? Hypertrophy in a fat-loss trainer? Absolutely! Here are four reasons why:

1) When you break down and build up muscle tissue, it’s metabolically demanding. You’ll burn more calories—and more fat—with the high reps and short rest periods in this phase.

2) Muscle is fat-burning tissue, so the more muscle you have, the more fat you’ll burn all through the day and night.

3) Having more muscle will also be beneficial once we enter into the strength phase of the program in two weeks. You’ll be able to move more weight and have the stamina to power through the workouts. Remember: All other things being equal, the bigger muscle is the stronger one!

4) You’ll be doing a lot of training over the next eight weeks, so having your cardiovascular conditioning up to snuff is going to be essential.
Here’s what you can expect in this phase, along with some explanation of a few unique moves you’ll encounter.


I love training, and I want you to feel the same passion that I do. So for the first few weeks, we’re going to train every day, with no rest days. I know it sounds like a lot, but I’ve arranged the split so that each body part gets rest while the others are getting worked. If life gets in the way and you have to miss a day, no problem. Just start again the next day!


Yes, I go the gym twice a day, seven days a week. People ask me if it’s because I’m training to be a bodybuilder, but my answer has always been no. I really just enjoy the workouts!

But making it work twice a day demands a different type of mindset than going once. You may just break up your day into “before work” and “after work,” but to find time for my workouts, I think in terms of three categories:

Morning: Before work
Afternoon: Midday, or right after work
Evening: After dinner

Are you totally bound to my schedule if you decide to follow the RSP Chiseled fat-loss trainer? Of course not! You can do morning/evening workouts, you can do cardio right after your strength workouts, or whatever else works for you. But at least for these eight weeks, I recommend doing whatever is necessary to fit in all the workouts, including the early-morning cardio. Stick with me for that long, and what you do afterward is up to you!

Will you have to do some shuffling and prioritizing in your life? Definitely! TV will definitely become a luxury—although, to be frank, that’s not a bad thing. You can always do some catching up while on the treadmill during those steady-state cardio sessions.


Make sure you’ve watched all the overview pages before starting this trainer. I want you to go into this adventure knowing exactly what you’re going to do and why. Now let’s go get chiseled together!

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