RSP Chiseled Phase 4 Overview -

Phase 4 is the peak of your war against fat. This one-week blitz will unveil all of the hard-earned muscle you’ve been building during the strength and hypertrophy phases. Get ready to cut!

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Phase 4 of the RSP Chiseled Trainer is a one-week shred-and-performance phase. Instead of building strength or adding size, as you’ve done in past phases, you’ll be leaning out and dropping fat like never before. Here’s how:

1) You’re in a push week, so you’ll be performing cardio 3-5 times this week in both the mornings and evenings. The amount of time you’re willing to dedicate to getting shredded is up to you, but assess your progress and be honest with yourself instead of taking the easy way out.

2) You’ll alternate between fasted, steady-state cardio to target fat cells in the morning and metabolism-boosting intervals in the evening.

3) You’ll weight train five days this week. On your off days—and more if you can handle it—you’ll be doing your cardio two-a-days. This combination will help you shred as much body fat as possible before Phase 5, the maintenance phase.

What makes this phase different is the amount of cardio you’ll have to do, too. Sure, you’ve done your share of both steady-state and interval cardio up to now, but this time around you’ll be doing both morning and evening cardio 3-5 times a week. You’ll devote 40 minutes to fasted steady state, which will target your fat cells, while the 20 minutes you do at the end of the day acts as a fat scorcher of the first order.

The double dose of cardio could leave you feeling exhausted, but just remember that this is just a one-week push phase, so we need to make sure your fat cells are screaming for mercy. This plan will insure that. I’m leaving the choice of frequency up to you, but be honest with yourself, and no matter what program you choose, really give it your all. The goal of this phase is to get body fat as low as possible—maybe even in the single digits. You’ll have to work for it and put in the work, but remember, when you feel like you’re ready to give up, don’t. Push through because you’re a champion. You’ve set a goal, now you’ll meet it.

Your strength training this week combines the strength and hypertrophy work you’ve been doing. You’ll start by moving some heavy weights and resting more, but as you progress throughout the workouts, you’ll be tacking on more reps and lowering the time between sets.

Place a box of appropriate height behind you. Load a barbell to a weight that requires effort but still allows for speed and explosiveness—typically between your 50-70 percent one-rep max. Position the bar on your upper back, and with your shoulder blades retracted, back arched, and body tight, unrack. Standing in from of the box, sit back with your hips until you’re seated. Make sure to descend in a controlled manner. Pause briefly once you reach the box, then explode upward, extending though the hips and knees.

Lay your chest on a preacher-curl bench, allowing your arms to hang freely. With a narrow grip, grab an EZ-bar and curl it toward you. Pause at the top, then slowly lower the bar back to the starting position. You can see me perform this on my Armed to the Core video here on

Facing the bar attachment, grab it with a supinated grip with your palms shoulder-width apart. Keeping your elbows at your side, lower the bar. Slowly elevate using only your forearms while keeping your upper arm stationary.

This phase calls for another drop in calories, but because you’re keeping your high-glycemic carbs centered around your interval-training sessions, you should have enough energy to both perform and replenish glycogen stores.

Even though you’ll be cutting calories, I am going to slightly bump up your fat intake. No, this doesn’t mean adding greasy foods to your diet—it means adding healthy fats like a handful of nuts or cooking with olive oil or a little butter. That extra helping of heart-healthy fats will give you an extra boost of energy to help you feel great and perform well even in a calorically lean week.

It’s time to get ripped. Make sure you’ve watched all of the overview videos before getting into Phase 4 of this trainer. And remember, you can push through this one, grueling week. It’s time to unveil all you’ve worked hard for. Get at it and crush this week before you earn the rewards of the maintenance phase!

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