RSP Chiseled Phase 5 Overview -

The simple, fun workout in Phase 5 is your reward after 7 hard weeks. Let it ride for a week or two before jumping back into Week 1 again!

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Phase 5 in the Chiseled 9-week fat-loss trainer is the “maintenance phase,” but that description doesn’t really do it justice. It’s more like the cherry on top of everything you’ve been doing so far. You’ve added strength and muscle, burned tons of fat, and eaten right for seven solid weeks. Now, for a week or two, you get to reward yourself with simple, fun workouts and a few more calories before starting over again.

Start again? What? Yeah, that’s right. Chiseled is meant to be a one-stop-shop trainer you repeat over and over again. That’s pretty much what I do. I go hard for 6-7 weeks, and then I give my body one maintenance week where I stay at that same level of body fat. Then I start the same program over again.

I don’t want to overwhelm myself with workouts and diet and training and cardio, so I designed this phase to help me achieve that without stressing and overloading my system. Here’s what you can expect.

In Phase 5, you’ll repeat the following full-body workout three times a week. It’s simple enough: seven moves in a fun combination of strength work and explosive work. Keep it upbeat, and above all, enjoy it!

This ought to take you about 45 minutes, maybe a bit more. I don’t usually do it for more than two weeks straight before starting Week 1 again.

As for cardio, there’s none! Sure, you can do the sort of sports cardio you’ve done in previous weeks, but the main thing is to not hit it too hard with things like HIIT. In the previous phase, we did a.m. and p.m. cardio to burn as much fat as possible. Now we’re just going to give your body a breather and maintaining what you’ve already achieved.

There’s only one movement in Phase 5 that you haven’t encountered somewhere else in the program, and that’s the squat to overhead press. These also get called thrusters, and you’ll see people perform them with every kind of weight: barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, even sandbags. For my part, I think they’re perfectly suited for the barbell landmine you’ve been using for linear jammers in this program.

If your gym doesn’t have one, simply putting a barbell in the corner will do. I’m almost positive your weight room has a corner that people use for this purpose. You can tell because it’s all chipped up!

To perform this movement, just let the barbell guide you down into a perfect squat while you hold its end by your chin or chest. Keep your heels down, press your knees out, and power up until the weight is over your head (and maybe a little in front of it) in one continuous motion. Drop back down into a squat and do it 14 more times!

In the first four phases, we gradually brought down the number of calories you were taking in. But now, in the maintenance phase, we want to bring the calories back up, because you’re going to want to put on more muscle and emphasize recovery.

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