SCARY TOTAL BODY WORKOUT...The 10-31-10 Halloween Full Body Workout

In the spirit of Halloween and the 10-31-10 date, I’ve put together a scary effective total body workout routine that is guaranteed to get your heart pumping, your shoulder and arm muscles burning, and your abs to light up like a pumpkin.

Speaking of pumpkins. We don’t need to use one for this video, but you’re more than welcome to if that’s all you’ve got. For this, a medicine ball of any weight will do.

You’re going to try and get as many rounds as you can of a variation of

– medicine ball woodchoppers, but this time done with a med ball shoulder carry to activate the core more.

– Witche’s Cauldrons which will fire up your biceps and shoulder muscles until they feel hotter than what’s in the pot.

– A crossover pushup variation that will crush your triceps and chest at the same time as it’s engaging your core and relying on its stability to prevent you from face planting on the med ball!

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