Scott Herman / Erica Stibich- GENE RESULTS! Are You Using The Right Training Routine & Nutrition?


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Do you have the genetics of a GOD? Or are you just a lowly human on the grind day in and day out like the rest of us?

Erica and I teamed up with MuscleGenes to literally see what we are made of. When you purchase a gene testing kit, it comes with a swab that you rub up and down the inside of your cheeks. MuscleGenes then analyzes the cheek cells to determine your genetic make-up over a wide scale of genes that directly relate to your health, nutrition and training.

In this video Erica and I discuss our gene results in relation to:

• Power & Muscle Fibers
• Training Volume
• Insulin Function
• Recovery
• Ability To Lose Fat
• Ratio Of Fuel Usage
• Testosterone Response

Extremely interesting stuff Nation! We think you are going to be very surprised when you hear our results!

However, I was heartbroken to finally know the truth that I do in fact have ordinary human genes and not kick ass Saiyan genes… Haha

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