Scott & Sean- Q&A- Ep. 16


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(1:41)- Question 1: Joshua Hernandez
Hey Scott, I would really like you guys to talk a little bit about what’s better to do in terms of gaining muscle mass, to run and then have a very intense leg workout or to have a leg workout first and then run. In my case, I’ve been running first because I feel that it provides me a good warm-up to later on be able to squat or leg press heavier, but on the other hand I’ve also noticed that for doing that the pump in my legs is not as strong, is this the right thing to do ? Thank you

(4:20)- Question 2: Abe
Hi Scott & Sean, Hope this email finds you both well. Thanks for the YouTube® videos with all your advice. Just watched the healthy to drink plenty of water one and drinking a big glass of water as I write this. There are so many exercises that I’m overwhelmed by too much info. Don’t know where to start! Thought I’d write to you and ask you for some personal advice. I’m 32 years of age and have passed the stage of eating whatever I like and not put on any weight. I never thought it’d happen but I now have a bit of a belly. What exercises (about 20min a day at home) can I do to trim up? When it comes to push-ups I find them every difficult so how would I build myself up with perhaps an easier way at first then increasing the challenge later? I would also like some exercises for my back. I tend to slouch and have a slight kyphosis. What can I do to help this too? Sorry for all the questions. I’m a novice (if that). Looking forward to your reply.

(9:04)- Question 3: Noah N. Kaniatobe
I have a question for you Scott. I think you are an amazing, motivating, and inspirational dude!!! I really mean that, no one breaks it down the way you do and it’s helped me tremendously. I’m a 42 year old male who was dealing with a lot of health issues but now I’ve lost 27lbs using your YouTube® videos to create workout routines for myself (I started in February 2011). The SHF website is incredibly informative. That being said Scott:
1. I wanted to know when lifting free weights or using weight machines when is it necessary to keep your feet at hip distance (shoulder width) and when should you keep your feet together? I see a lot of both and I’m a bit confused.
2. After a good workout I’m usually pumped for awhile and I noticed my energy is through the roof. I workout in the early morning hours and then go to my job and I’m usually pretty pumped like I’ve had a whole pot of coffee or something. Is this something I can control or do I just go with the flow?
Thanks for taking time out to read my email. I’ve been following your rules to a burn set and you are absolutely right, I totally feel the blood in the particular muscle I’m working on. I love burn sets. Thank you for your help and I’m glad to be part of the “HERMANNATION”!

(14:54)- Question 4: Hassi Assi
Hello Scott, my question today is about meals, more specifically the timing. I have heard that after a workout you have a 30 minute window to get a balanced meal in order to grow efficiently. I sometimes wait up to an hour before I get any food after a workout, is that bad? If so should I be taking a protein shake with me to chug immediately after my workout? Thanks for your valued input on this!

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