Scott & Sean- Q&A- Ep. 18 "Lose Belly Fat, Human Growth Hormone (HGH), Fix Back Posture"


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(1:31)- Landon Petermann
Hey Scott and Sean, I’ve been the workouts on SHF workouts and have seen awesome improvement with strength, but I also want to lose body fat and gain muscle mass. I have been doing the drop set system; it seems to be working but only for muscle strength. I’m in BJJ (Jiu-Jitsu) so muscle gain and strength is a great thing to have. I’m 17 and 6’1″ with 30% body fat (20% back fat, and 10% arm fat). I’d like to have way less body fat just like everyone else does, but the question is how can I lose body fat all the way around and gain muscle mass at the same time with only a bench press, workout ball, lat pull down, incline press, and curl bar? Also you two are beasts! And in advance thanks Scott and Sean!

(7:38)- Frankie Schel
Hey guys, I’ve seen some of your video’s on supplements before, but I was just wondering what your opinions are on HGH (human growth hormone) supplements. I’ve seen some people refer to them as a steroid, but a lot of research I’ve seen on them say they’re “all natural”.

• Have you guy’s taken them?
• Do you recommend them, or not?
• What do you know about them?
• Are they worth taking?
• Are they safe to take?
• Is there one you’d recommend?
• etc…

(14:32)- Lucas- England.
Hey Sean & Scott (Sean deserves to be first sometimes haha)

Anyway quick question, generally my posture is pretty good, however my shoulders slouch forward just a bit, anyway to combat this? I presume its maybe because I work my chest harder than my back/shoulders. Any tips to bring them back a bit and make everything a bit tighter round my shoulder region? Would it be a case of just thinking about it and sort of forcing them back to correct it?

I’ve been working out over a year, but 6 months seriously. My meal plan is pretty good, and I’m not taking any supplements at the minute.

If it matters, I’m 19, 6ft and my weight fluctuates between 84-87 kgs (185lbs – 191lbs). Not sure about my body fat % but I think I’m pretty lean.

Also another quick question I have a bit of fat on my stomach, just hiding my abs, I’m currently doing a circuit which involves my back to lose it, is this effective. It consists of: 8-10 reps upright row, 8-10 reps bent over row, 8-10 reps deadlift, 8-10 reps standing barbell shoulder press and then 8-10 reps good mornings. Obviously all those exercises one after another after on circuit then a 45 second to a minute break, and I do this for 5 circuits.

Thanks for the help, Lucas, England.

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