Scott & Sean- Q&A- Ep. 19 "Recovering From an Illness. Mud Run Training, Macros- Will I Get Fat?"


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(2:17)- Scott Kearsley
Hey guys, first I want to personally thank you for giving out quality information for us all to follow. You guys have been great guides on my journey to losing 100lbs (started at 306-205). Now, to my question! Recently I was sick for a good week with really high fevers and of course vomiting. Since recovering from that cold it seems that my number of reps and sets of workouts are down, PR’s, and overall strength and motivation I once had seem to be lacking. The simplest of work outs now seem really strenuous and my usual set patterns I struggle to finish. Even cardio is harder at this point I went from running 2-3 miles every other day, to barely a mile every other day. So my question is: Is this kind of extended recovery normal or just something in my head that I need to overcome? Thanks guys, keep doing what you do, inspire millions!

(7:13)- Michael Doyle
Hey guys! I’m training for my first Tough Mudder. I’m getting a close group of my friends together who all are a lot more fit than I am. I’m 6’3 and weigh 308 now(30% bf 2 months ago) but I lift a lot (6 days a week, 225 bench, 800 leg press, 200 shoulder press following Scott’s workout routines.) . I’m working on getting my cardio up and with a 20 week window to train I feel that I’m going to have a good amount of time to get a handle on this.

My biggest concern is not the endurance, but climbing over walls and other obstacles like that. I’m doing sets of pull-ups on a machine that subtracts body weight to let you pull up and I’m about 100lbs from my actual weight.

My diet was pretty rubbish so changing that to lower fat. Would you change anything else to help train for an event of this magnitude?

(14:15)- Fenrir-Febian Shah
I had a very important question (well, important for me at least): How important is it hitting your macros/daily calorie requirements? I’ve started logging everything I eat and am constantly falling short by 500-700 calories. I am full by what I am eating; I am seeing fairly good results and am maintaining my macros (40% carb, 40% protein, 20% fat). I feel eating those calories is going to put on fat but then I fear about starvation mode. I’m at my target weight and am just trying to tone up more. I am currently at 18% body fat (down from 22%).

Also, I HATE doing cardio, no matter what I’ve tried I don’t stick to it. I’ve recently started getting into biking and go on 3-4 hour bike rides on every Sunday. Do you think doing all your cardio in one go is a good idea? I seem to enjoy doing it.

If you need it, I’m 6 feet tall, 179lbs and roughly a 1800 daily calorie goal.

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