Scott & Sean- Q&A- Ep. 5


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(0:53)- Ben Szweda
Does using a smith machine to do the flat bench press make your body do less work since a cable pulley system is involved?

(4:27)- Hoon Chang
Scott, your workouts have drop/burn sets. What are the benefits of the drop/burn sets? Is incorporating those sets more effective for muscle gain?

(7:41)- AFGkilla
Muscle growth!. I started working out about a year ago, since the day i began working out my muscles really felt tired and ached usually for the next day or two and this was good cause i knew that i was doing the right workouts and it was working efficiently, I have also seen very impressive changes in my body and i have a good meal plan, however for the past couple of weeks my muscles do not ache or feel tired the day after working out, in fact now my workouts are twice as intense and i have increased the weight significantly and changed my routines, it this normal or is there something wrong?

(11:28)- Nicky Vejbaek
Been following you vids for about a year, working out also for about a year! Your guys talk a lot about different morphs, what does this mean, and how do I know what kinda morph I am? I can eat just about anything and never gain weight!

(15:00)- James Woodhouse
My question is, I’m 6ft1 currently 205pounds, can I be 220 pounds of lean mass and still be agile enough to compete at a high level of sport such as football(soccer). Is it true that gaining muscle cause you to lose speed, acceleration, agility etc.

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