Scott & Sean- Q&A- Ep. 8


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(0:49)- Lance Lee
What are the best exercises for an ectomorph? I’ve seen you’ve done a lot of drop sets, and I’ve been doing em. Should I continue? How about cardio? Should I work on cardio also or forget about that for now? Also of course diet. What is the best diet for an ectomorph?

I have heard of so many types of workout routines that I am confused on which one is the best. I have heard to work on a pair of muscles one day and another pair the next and I really do not know which is the best way to organize my workouts. Is it best to pair your biceps and back on one day and chest and triceps the next? Or have each muscle have its own day being isolated? I would like to know your opinion on this and what you think works the best for gaining muscle mass the fastest.

(8:20)- Ahmad Bonakdar
Hello Scott & Sean. First of all, thanks for your all truly inspiring videos! I’ve been hitting gym for about a year and now I’ve been following your routine for chest workout for a month. I wonder to know which exercise I should do specifically to develop my inner chest? Actually my inner chest is not well defined.

(11:31)- Chin
Scott and Sean. I have dislocated both my shoulders multiple times and they are prone to dislocations. As such, I cannot do any shoulder presses (or not heavy ones)and when doing bench presses (flat or inclined), I cannot ‘break the 90(degree)’ with any weight over ~185 lbs. However, I can bench up to 225 lbs+ with ‘half reps’. If I am doing the drop sets, should I continue to do the ‘half reps’ for my first set (e.g., 200/225+) or should I stick to something I can break the 90 with? The thing is, 185 really doesn’t feel like a lot (even if I break the 90 with it), especially not for 6-8 reps, so the drop (whether it is large or small) is going to feel like even less work.

(13:55)- Nursing a Shoulder Injury:…

(15:40)- Chris Garcia
Can you explain the difference between a weight gainer and a whey protein? Which would be better for putting on some size for a hard-gainer like me?

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