Sculpt & Burn- New Workout Series! March 8th!

All New Sculpt & Burn- Starts March 8th! Monday!

Get Ready to Burn! 🔥

BodyRock Trainer David Kim-MacKinnon is bringing on the heat in this exclusive BodyRock+ series. Aimed at intermediate and advanced fitness levels, these classes are perfect if you’re ready to supercharge your training to score even more lean gains.

Sculpt & Burn features three regular classes a week on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and then an extra 30% sweat ‘sesh on Saturdays. The results? Enough consistency to get you results, and enough variation to keep the good gains coming.

Here’s the workout plan! Consistency will be key!

MONDAYS: Booty Burn

WEDNESDAY: Cardio & Core

FRIDAY: Upper Body Box

First Class is Free! Join us On Monday!

And then get started for only $1.99! What’s more? You’ll also gain access to every workout we offer!

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